Drymax Drymax Hyper Thin Mini Crew


Drymax's thinnest running socks

 Drymax's patented original "Blister Guard" keeps the inside of the sock dry at all times and is excellent at preventing the "blister cycle" that causes blisters.

DryMax "Hyper Thin" does not just keep feet dry with its thinness, but also uses new technology to allow moisture inside the sock to escape directly to the outside, preventing friction between the skin of the foot and the sock's surface. These socks allow you to feel various sensory signals from your feet in the most direct and natural way.


Length: MiniCrew
Thickness: Extra Thin
Material: 65% DryMax/olefin, 8% polyester, 6% elastane, 8% nylon, 13% PTFE

Size (Actual Foot Size)

S: 22.0-24.0cm
M: 24.5 to 26.5cm
L: 27.0-28.5cm


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