DEXSHELL Dexshell Ultra Shinkrew Unisex


A revolutionary three -layer structural sock that combines moisture permeability and elasticity

Dex -shell gloves and socks are all waterproof and breathable structures by outer, lining and inner. The major feature is that it achieves high waterproofness and moisture permeability, and has elasticity like ordinary gloves and socks. The outer material uses nylon with excellent wear resistance, and is also applied to water -repellent. The lining is a high -performance waterproof and moisture permeable film "Porail®Is adopted. For the inner that touches the skin, Bamboo Rayon and Cool Max®, Using functional materials such as Merino wool, we realized a comfortable comfort.

weight:Approximately 63g (M size standard / pair)
size:S (22-24cm) / M (24-26cm) / L (26-28cm)
[Outer] 37%nylon, 32%rayon, 28%cotton, 3%polyurethane
[Lining] Porel®Menblem
[Inner] 60%rayon, 40%nylon


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