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Correct TOES Collectou

Collectou is a high -quality toe spacer made for those who suffer from an alignment abnormal (deformation disorder) of the toe.

Even if you wear a wide -to -box shoes like Altra, the arch will fall off and it is especially recommended for those who do not open mothers and children.

Let's start walking with shoes with collectou attached.

Even if you feel uncomfortable at first, if you get used to it, your toes will spread and you will be able to get natural toes.

It can be molded according to the shape of various feet, so anyone can use it.

Dr. Ray McClanahan, who developed collectou, was one of the "foot disease doctors" who had already spread as one of the specialty of doctors in the United States, and was an elite long -distance runner.
He had a lot of problems in his players and has dealt with problems with various approaches.
Among them, I didn't think it was a complete treatment for any of them, such as sole plates, pain relief, and treatments with surgery.
No matter what treatment was received, the root cause could not be cured.
Therefore, this "Collectou" has changed his thoughts from "act of suppressing" to "treating the root".

[Dr. Ray's awareness]
After reading a variety of documents, analyzing many runners, learning the run of a Bearfut running practitioner, and reaching one conclusion.

"Natural TOE SPRAY" (a natural formation of the toes) is the most important factor to maintain the health of the foot in the long term.

[Collectou features]
The only toe spacer is a medical silicon that can be used in the shoes (naturally shaped shoes) and can be used even during walking or running, so it is soft, without damaging the toes. We are also secured.

It is the most effective footsteper in the United States, which is most effective when the center of gravity is on the foot, and is widely used in medical fields.

For overseas products, the size notation is for overseas, but when converted to Japanese size, the following size is deployed.
XS (~ about 21.0cm)
S (about 21.0-25.5cm)
M (about 25.5-28.5cm)
L (about 28.5cm ~)

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