COROS PACE 2 NYLON BAND Caros Pace 2 Nylon Band


The new COROS PACE 2 is the world's lightest sports watch at just 29 grams, making it easier to focus on your races and competitions by reducing the weight of your equipment and reducing stress during strenuous activity.

Advanced digital dial

The COROS PACE 2 has evolved from a four-button design to a digital dial that allows users to check important information without stress, even when competing for every tenth of a second. The COROS PACE 2 has evolved from the conventional four-button design to a digital dial that allows quick and precise operation with a single finger, even during intense racing.

Uncompromising uptime

PACE 2 uses the latest high-density batteries and optimizes the drain on system functions to use smaller batteries and maintain an uncompromised uptime of up to 30 hours of precision GPS operation time, meeting the uptime requirements of most sports.

20 days of daily use

COROS PACE 2 can operate for 20 days of continuous daily use, providing daily functions such as 24-hour heart rate monitoring, daily activity recording, sleep measurement, and message notification.

Always-on night mode that is easy on the eyes

When the night mode is turned on, the soft backlight is always on. Even during night runs, data can be checked at any time without the need to operate the light.

Compatible with exercise on the water, of course!

COROS PACE 2 is water resistant to 50 meters, allowing the wearer to perform various types of exercise on the water while wearing the watch, satisfying a variety of training requirements.

Choice of watch bands

High-strength silicone band with excellent abrasion resistance and tensile strength, with fine air holes to reduce weight and improve quick-drying performance. The lightweight, excellent-fitting fabric band with silver nanoparticle antimicrobial technology provides excellent breathability and comfort, making it ideal for high-intensity training.

Extensive training
Training Modes

COROS PACE 2 offers a wide variety of training modes. In addition to running, COROS PACE 2 provides accurate exercise data for all aspects of training, including cycling, swimming, and strength training, making it useful for more scientific training.

Your own personal trainer

With 100 different training items built in, you can freely create your own training items and measure various exercise data during your workout.

Muscle Heat Map

After strength training, a muscle heat map is created to clearly display the training effects of muscle groups, allowing you to plan reasonable training items and train all the muscles in your body in a well-balanced manner.

Optimized heart rate calculation for various exercises

Based on the characteristic that heart rate varies with exercise, the calculation method is optimized to effectively filter out interference to heart rate data for each exercise, thus continuing to provide accurate heart rate data in a variety of exercises.

Track Run mode for more accurate lap counts

Data is optimized for training on the track, with a calculation error of only a few meters in distance to a standard track of 400 meters per lap, and lap timing is nearly synchronized with the stopwatch. A significant improvement in training for serious runners with high demands on data accuracy.

FullGPS+ (GPS GPS+)Gyro sensor, lightest in the world28gwith a gyro sensor This is the most popular product in the market today.GPSWatch COROSis2016The brand was born in the U.S. in 1949. It has been in business for only5less than a year after its founding, the brand is growing rapidly, including an athlete contract with Eliud Kipchoge, the world record holder in the full marathon.GPSwatch brand. NumerousGPSwatches are being released, sports watches that have kept the necessary functions and stripped out the unnecessary ones are being released.Pace2is a sports watch that retains the necessary features and eliminates those that are not needed. Normally, the battery is proportional to the weight of the watch, but the fullGPSwhen running at full GPS30hours, and yet29 gThe weight of the product is not only heavier, but also lighter than products with the same specifications. than products with the same specifications, not only in terms of weight, but also in terms of10,000The price of the product is also reduced by nearly ¥2,000, making it the most cost-effective model. GPSIt is also so easy to set up and use that even beginners will find it useful. Training PeaksandSTRAVAand other third-party running apps, so there is no stress during initial setup.


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