PAAGO WORKS Purgo Works buddy 16


Backpacks that make you want to play in the mountains and city that thoroughly pursued both simplicity and comfort

Outstanding access

Main Access
With a wide zipper opening by inverted -type design, and double handle, the luggage is easily put in and out. The feature is that you can spread it out and pack it.

Top Pocket
A top pocket that balances access and safety. Wallets and passports can be stored with confidence, and can be put out quickly on airplanes and trains.

Showder Pocket
A stretch pocket for RUSH is placed on the shoulder harness. Ideal for storing smartphones.

Side PocketS
The stretch mesh side pocket is just the right size for a 500ml bottle.

Casually functional

Back Pocket
Hydration and notebook PCs can be stored in the back pocket on the back.

Back Panel
A unique detachable back panel can be dried during a break or washed after returning home to keep it clean.

Metal Hook
Aluminum hooks are convenient for installing helmets and gears.

Gear Loop
Two gear loops can be used for various purposes depending on the device.

size:450 x 230 x 200 mm
Main material:Nylon 330D Teflon coating


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