Black Diamond

Black Diamond Sprinter 500 (Black Diamond Sprinter 500)


Equipped with a lens that can irradiate a wide area without unevennessdid Lightweight slim500 lumen

Lightweight slim running models that are less tired even when used for a long time are illuminated to 500 lumens. With the irradiation pattern that is unnecessary to the surrounding area and does not easily get tired, the brightness corresponding to the high pace running has been added. Equipped with a BD1800 lithium -ion rechargeable battery and a AA battery hybrid power supply system. It can be used with confidence for overnight trail running.

Spare battery: BD1800

・ BD1800 lithium -ion rechargeable battery and AA batteries hybrid power supply
・ Red LED (ON/OFF possible) of battery boxes that enhance visibility from the rear
・ 6 -stage battery remaining meter
・ Power tap technology that can switch illuminance instantly
・ Stepless illness adjustment and strobe mode
・ Digital lockout function to prevent falselighting
・ Punching high -breathability headband
・ IPX4 (not affected by splashes from any direction)

All light bundles: 500 lumen
Irradiation distance: High illuminance 50m/medium tolerance 40m/low illuminance 6m
Battery life:High illuminance 3.5 hours/Medium tolerance 7 hours/100 hours (when using BD1800)
Battery: BD1800 lithium ion rechargeable battery or AA alkaline batteries x 3
Weight: 123g (battery -based)
Waterproof grade: IPX4


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