Black Diamond

Black Diamond Distance Shelter (Black Diamond Distance Shelter)


A single wall shelter with a lightness of 725g*for two people.

With the included adapter, you can connect a commercially available trekking pole to the DAC Crospole to reduce the weight of the frame. With four stakeout points, it is possible to quickly and reliably set up in strong winds. A ventilation is provided on the zenith and feet to promote ventilation. It uses a lightweight 30D polyester fabric and can be stored compactly into the size of the nargain bottle. *The weight is only for the body excluding trekking pole.

・ Use commercial trekking pole as a frame
・ Equipped with a ventilation port for the zenith and feet
・ Head lamp pockets at the zenitho that can make the headlamps an indoor light
・ Stakeout points that can adjust the tension
・ Reflective Gyeline -Dainima® Core suppresses growth with polyester coat
・ High strength 30D polyester fabric that is hard to grow even when moisturized
・ Compliant with CPAI-84 flameproof standards

Storage size:13x30cm
size:Depth = 241cm, width = 147cm, height 104cm
weight:725g (no pole)
material:30D polyester fabric
Sleeping size: 2 people
Floor area:2.4m2


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