Black Diamond

BLACK DIAMOND ASTRO300 (Black Diamond Astro 300)


A dual fuel model is now available in a simple model Astro with a single light/single switch

You can use either the BD1500 battery (sold separately) and the AAA alkaline battery, and you can use the BD1500 battery for everyday use, and in an environment where charging cannot be charged for a long time, you can use alkaline batteries according to the situation.

・ Dual fuel: AAA 3 AA alkaline batteries (included) or BD1500 battery (sold separately) can be used
・ Dimming (increase/dimming), strobe, rock mode
・ Incorporation of illuminance memory: Light lit by the last illuminance used
・ All internal reflection lenses that make use of power with prism effects
・ IPX4 (not affected by the splashes of fresh water from any direction)
The BD1500 battery (sold separately) requires a BD1500 charger.


All light bundles:300 lumen
Irradiation distance:High illuminance 52m/low illuminance 8m
Battery life:High illuminance 4 hours/low illuminance 28 hours/Reserve 16 hours
battery:AAA alkaline battery x 3 (included)
Weight: 83g


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