ALTRA Altra Youth Cokiri Kids


Kokiri is shoes packed with everything they can do for children

It is designed on a footprint (Foot Shape ™ ️), which does not hinder the natural growth of the foot so that the shape of the foot does not grow into the shape of the shoe and does not hinder the natural shape of the foot. It is durable for grip performance, multifaceted rug outsole, suede and mesh upper classic style, and is ideal for shoes to wear every day. Children can be healthy and happy if you wear them. The size is available in 1cm increments from 19cm to 25cm. The insole that is comfortable to remove even if it is removed is designed so that the growing legs can be given space.


• Weight: 122g
• Insole: 3mm removable diamat sock liner
• Midsole: EVA
• Outsole: Lightweight dress outsole
• Stack height: 17mm
• Upper: Mesh upper and stitch -down reinforcement


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