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Max Comfort Meet Road.
〜Leading to the best healing

A new Max Cushion road model that combines the cushioning and stability of the trail running model "OLYMPUS" is now available.

The VIA OLYMPUS is equipped with a 33mm Altra EGOTM MAX midsole, the highest stack height to date.The lightweight, cushioned, resilient midsole is specifically designed for maximum ride comfort, regardless of distance.

Specific to thick-soled shoesSome people are concerned that the thickness will make them less stable, but VIA OLYMPUS, like the OLYMPUS trail model, is equipped with many features that create stability.

Structure of the shoe that increases the installation surface and brings a sense of stability
Overall, the shoes are wider as they approach the ground. This increases the area of placement on the ground and prevents wobble and instability caused by thicker cushioning.

Midsole structure optimized for foot bending
INNERFLEXTM INNERFLEX TMThe midsole's optimized foot flexion structure and lattice-like flex grooves give the foot flexibility in addition to higher performance gains.

The "Balance Cushion" and "Foot Shape Design" features of ALTRA shoes are of course also used in this model.

The foot shape design is generous and original, providing the space needed for natural movement, while the rocker shape helps propel the foot forward and off the toe more efficiently.The VIA OLYMPUS is comfortable to ride in, even over long distances.

About the sizing...
The same size as ALTRA's OLYMPUS and ESCALANTE RACER is fine.
If you choose the actual size + 1.3cm as a guide, you should be fine.

Our staff member with a narrow foot shape also chose the same size as usual.
There is room at the toes, so when we first put our feet in, they felt a little big, but the fit was good at the heel and instep, and we didn't feel any looseness once we tightened the laces.


Weight: 255 g (Womens US8.5 / 25.5cm)
Midsole:Altra EGO™ MAX
Outsole: Rubber
Cushioning: Max
Stack Height:33mm
Upper: Ultra-lightweight & breathable


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