ALTRA Altra Torin 5 Women's

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The Torin series is extremely popular for long runs due to its luxurious cushioning and supreme comfort. While maintaining the best aspects of the previous model, the new Torin 5 is designed to go above and beyond. New midsole "Altra EGO™ MAX midsole" The all-new premium Altra EGO MAX foam provides light and luxurious comfort while maintaining a cushioned running feel.

This "high cushion model" has a stack height of 28mm, yet is ultra-lightweight and provides light footwork. From everyday training to marathons, the Torin 5 offers a true Altra running experience.

The "breathable mesh" upper is made of a mesh material with excellent breathability, replacing the knit material used in previous models. In parts, the construction has been made more durable. Improved lacing system The number of eyelets (holes through which shoelaces are threaded) has been increased for a better fit than in previous models.

Another eyelet is provided on the outside of the midfoot, which can be customized for a better fit for those who want a stronger hold or who have a narrower foot in the center of the foot. With Torin, a comfortable fit prevents the foot from moving inside the shoe, allowing only the toes to naturally extend.

The TORIN, traditionally a best-selling road shoe, has been redesigned with performance in mind. New cushioning, best fit, and breathability that reduces stress even after long hours of action. Go farther and more comfortably with the new TORIN.


Weight: US 7.5 (210g)
Midsole: Altra EGO™ MAX midsole
Outsole: Hood Pod™ technology
Cushioning: High cushioning
Stack Height: 28mm
Upper: Engineered Mesh (Breathable Mesh)


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