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"ALTRA SUPERIOR4", which is said to be the best shoes, upgraded Switching to a mesh upper with a better breathability and a good hold, the interference of shoe him and shoe tongue has been reduced. The midsole (cushion part) is a lightweight and natural running by adopting a quantic that leaves the sensation of the soles but is elastic, an outsole that grips firmly even if the lag is shallow, and the minimum necessary thickness and specifications. Shoes that can achieve people. Compared to other trail shoes, the lightness will satisfy both the light hiking and the trail runner who seeks speed. Weight: 256g (27.5cm actual measurement) Stack height: 21mm Upper: Seamless Lap Around Engineering Knit Midsole: Quantic Outsole: Trail Craw (Max Trac Rubber) "Ultimate shoes that cut off functions and bring out human nature's original functions" As a model that embodies "Natural Running" suggested by Altra, the Spellior, loved by many runners, has the exquisite sense of capturing the ground on the soles, despite having the minimum necessary cushioning and grip performance. It is a trail shoes. In a trail running where "overstride" is likely to occur as the cause of the runner's injury, feeling the landing position and gaining a shocking way are essential problems that are essential for a long time. 。 Because it is easy to feel the impact, it is the perfect shoe for switching to a less shock (how to run that is not overstride). It is a pair that can be especially recommended for those who are worried about injuries, how to run with less impact, and those who are starting to run in the mountains. About the attached stone guard system The Stone Guard bundled in the box can be worn under the insole and can control the impact of landing. It is ideal to be able to use it in a state closer to barefoot with the stone guard pulled out, but if you use the Spellior for the first time, please put it in first and remove it once you get used to it. The comfort changes greatly. The size adjustment can be adjusted with scissors according to the size printed on the stone guard. The manager of the store manager Sperior 4.5 is a shoe that reminds me of the pleasure of running (or walking) on ​​the trail again. Feel the fluffy of fallen leaves, step on sharp pebbles, feel pain, irritate muscles that are not used, become muscle pain, rotate the feet because it is lightweight and hard to feel heavy. It reminds me of something close to a wild feeling. When I first started climbing for the first time, even if I passed the same route, I liked the feeling that each person would go through different roots, search for a comfortable foot, and follow each person on their own way. 。 When entering the mountain in the Sperior, I feel like I can immerse myself in the mountains, thinking with my feet and thinking with my feet. Sperior is such a wonderful shoes. Changes to the previous work (Superior4) Compared to SUPERIOR4, the fabric on the surface called the upper has become less likely to grow, and the hold feeling has improved very much. As a result, some people feel a little small around the instep. As a manager, you can wear it comfortably with the same size (normal foot width, low in the instep), but I think it would be better to choose a size that is 0.5cm larger. In addition, I feel that the way of shoelings has been changed for the shoe tongue, called the shoe tongue, and the blur around the instep has disappeared.

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