ALTRA Altra Paradigm 6 Men's



We've taken next-level support footwear to a whole other level.
PARADIGM6has a brand newALTRA EGO MAXmidsole, which uses luxurious foam for a lightweight, cushioned, and resilient running experience. Support when you need it.GuideRail(GuideRail) to encourage better foot placement with every step.InnovArch(InnovArch) functionality has been evolved and implemented. For comfort and supportParadigm 6for comfort and support.

Support techniques during runningInnovArchInnovArch. The InnovArch system prevents excessive arch drop by rolling up a support system placed under the arch of the foot when the shoelace is tightened. At the same time, it provides a highly personalized fit. Rather than simply lifting the arch, the system responds to sensors in the sole of the foot called proprioceptors, which send signals to the brain to prevent further arch drop. The proprioception system, which is the ability to know where the foot or body part is in space without the use of vision, is used to better connect the runner's brain, body, and feet, helping them to land properly with each step.

This helps to ensure that each step is smooth and comfortable without restricting the natural movement of the foot. GUIDE RAIL The GUIDE RAIL is designed to prevent the foot from moving too far outward and to support the foot only when support is needed on the inside of the foot.

Weight: US9.5 (305g)
Midsole: Altra EGO MAX midsole Cushioning
HIGH cushioning
Stack Height: 30mm
Upper: Mesh upper


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