Altra Altra Paradigm 7 Wide Women's

-PARADIGM 7 optimal provides support with a concept that has remained unchanged since the first generation.-
PARADIGM 7 provides optimal support with a concept that has not changed since the first generation.

Paradigm continues to update its concept, which has not changed since the first generation, which combines high cushioning, stability, and durability. Paradigm seems to be the model that undergoes the most trial and error, with features added or removed with each version update.

Among the changes in ALTRA, the Paradigm is often used during long-duration exercises such as ultramarathons and 100km walks, and has been updated to further pursue ``lighter weight'' and ``comfort.'' Some functions have been removed from the previous model, and the upper has been redesigned to make the mesh at the top of the foot thinner, improving breathability.Light weight of about 13gIt became dramatically lighter.

What all the ALTRA models updated this season have in common is that the shoe laces, tongue, and collar have been improved to significantly reduce the stress of long-term use. The most excellent support function is that it extends in a straight line from the rear foot to the forefoot.GUIDE RAILContinuing from the previous work, the installation time is extended by walking for a long time such as a 100km week, and it only plays a role when support is needed on the inside of the foot to prevent the foot from moving too outward. They support me.

I think the PARADIGM model, which is useful for everything from everyday walking to ultra-marathons, will continue to be updated in the future, but I think it's a good shoe with the optimal balance at the time it was created. Please come and experience it for yourself.

About the size
It is usually much larger than PARADIGM 7. The foot width of the insole base is about 7 to 8 mm different from the regular model. If you have wide feet, we recommend choosing a size that is about 0.5 cm smaller than conventional ALTRA shoes. Recommended for customers who cannot usually wear shoes due to narrow midfoot area.

Weight: 233g (US8.5)
Midsole: Altra EGO™
Stack height: 30mm
Upper: Engineered Mesh


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