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Altra fastest trail shoes

ALTRA's new trail shoes "MONT BLANC" will be as light as possible and will improve your daily performance for speed.It is a model developed so that you can run lightly even in the 100 -miles of Ultrail Trail Du Mont Blanc, held in the highest peak of European Alps, located on the border between France and Italy.

For the outsoleVibramofLitebaseEquipped with the same grip performance as before30The % is also lighter. The lag is designed only in the necessary places, pursuing not only the outsole material but also lightness.

Midsole material similar to Torin5 and Paradigm6"Altra EGO ™ Max Midsole"While maintaining a cushioning running comfort, it realizes a light and luxurious comfort. Although the stack height is a 30mm "high cushion model", it realizes ultra -light and light foot handling.

The material is added to the necessary parts, and the material is removed to the unnecessary parts, and the trail is lightweight and breathable all day long.

Mountain runners running on a mountain that exceeds 100km are a model you should definitely try.

・ Weight 280g
・ Stack height 30mm
・ Upper: Ultra-lightweight, Hyper -BREATHABLE
・ Midsole: EGO ™ MAX
・ Outsole: Vibram ™ Litebase


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