Altra Lone Peak All Weather Low Cut Men

$116 $145

ALTRA's masterpiece "Lone Peak" all -weather waterproof shoes "Lone Peak All Weather" are now available.

The synonymous with loan peak, "Stress -free comfort" remains the same, but the waterproof and wind all -weather model is also very useful for everyday everyday for mountain climbing, when rainy and morning soup are expected. It will be one pair.

Weight: 333g (27.5cm actual measurement)
Stack height: 25mm
Midsole: Altra ego
Outsole: MAXTRAC

The successor model of "Lone Peak4 RSM Low" is as follows.

1. Waterproof Membrane "EVENT" becomes booty processing
Event, which had not been booty until now, has been processed so that it covers the sole. The waterproof performance has become higher.

2. The toe part has been reinforced
The "toe" part, which can be peeled off with a trail shoes even though it does not come off with road shoes, is the bonding of the "toe" part, but this time the rubber part of the sole is sewn directly in addition to the adhesion. 。

3, Midsole material
Until now, we used EVA cushioning material, but it has been changed to a urethane material called Altra ego. It is hard to get rid of it and gives a soft comfort.

4, Outsole pattern change
Although it looks a slight difference, the shallow rugs have reduced the feeling of catching on the ground when walking on asphalt. In addition, the grip performance is finished so that there is no big difference due to the adjustment of the compound.

5, appearance, upper, etc.
Many people may be easier to wear because the design of the mountain peak seems to be simple. (Although it is a matter of taste)
As for the upper, it has been changed from a crisp material in the outer material to a more supple material, so it reduces the burden on parts where the burden is easily applied, such as the base of the thumb, so it is more durable than the impression of the glance. I think the effect on sex is a very large and good change.
For the material of the part that wraps the instep of the foot called a shoe tongue, the thickness comes out, giving a gentle feel.

5, Shoehimo
This time, the holes (shoe holes) and shoelaces that pass the shoe straps have changed dramatically, and the structure has no more gaps than the models so far. I think that it is the best shape that does not create gaps when the relationship between the upper and the shoe hole is related.

6, heel cup
It is slightly harder compared to the loan peak 5 (normal model), and is made softer and supple than the loan peak all weather mid -cut. It is not as soft as the shoes for trail running, but it has a hardness without stress when walking in the mountains for a long time, and it is exquisite softness that is hard to get tired.


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