ALTRA Altra Escalante 3 Men's



ESCALANTE 3 for any occasion, anytime, anywhere

The first update in 2 years since the previous ESCALANTE 2.5
ESCALANTE features moderate cushioning, an open forefoot with no stress, and a moderately soft upper.Although ALTRA has released a variety of models, the ESCALANTE is the most distinctive model in terms of comfort and perfection. It realizes flexible flexion of the shoe, which cannot be achieved with mesh uppers or hard knits.

ESCALANTE can be used for anything from jogging to speed practice, but its simple design makes it a stable and high performance shoe for everyday wear as well.

◆Main update points
ESCALANTE2.5 has been evaluated as a high degree of perfection even at the time of the midsole elasticity and response, etc., as it is, the upper is slightly stiffer than the previous work is changed to achieve a higher sense of fit. In addition, as the upper and midsole become wider as they approach the ground, the area of placement on the ground is increased, preventing wobbling and instability.

Although the upper has become a higher fit than the previous workAlthough the upper is more fitted than the previous work, but generally the same size as the previous work, there is no problem. High instep, please consider one size larger if you have a wide width.

Weight: 263g (28.5cm)
Stack height: 24mm
Upper: 24mmSock-like Engineered Knit
Midsole: ALTRA EGO
FootDhapeFoot: STANDARD


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