ALTRA Escalante Racer Men's


A versatile shoes that can handle many roles

Altra Japan / Runarx Running Company
Stride Lab limited color

The coarse knit upper (red and white parts covering the surface of the shoes) are outstandingly breathable, but have high strength and less blur when landing. And the high -resilience and high -resilience midsole promises the durability to maintain speed.

In both lightness, breathability, fit, cushioning, resilience, hold, and durability, it is a top -class balance and is popular among Altra road shoes.

It is used for a wide range of purposes according to the level, from the low runner who wants to speed, the ultra -runner with emphasis on breathability, and the usual jogging.

Size feeling. . .
I think you can usually wear it with the same size as usual.
The staff wears men's US11.5 with a real size of about 28.3cm.
Thanks to the good growth of the upper, there is a high possibility that the width of the foot can be handled.


Weight: 193 g (US9.5 / 27.5cm)
Insole: 5 mm contter foot bed
Midsole: Lace tuning Altra ego ™ with InnerFlex ™
Outsole: FootPod ™ technology
Stack height: 22 mm
Upper: Engineering Static Mesh

It has been a long time since its appearance, but it is a high degree of perfection that has been selected without changing the model.
The new color this time is a coloring reminiscent of the first Escaran Terracer "Boston", and Altrafan should come!


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