ALTRA Escalante Racer Men's


Altra Escalante Racer (Altra Escaran Terracer Men)

What is Escalante Racer?
In both lightness, breathability, fit, cushioning, resilience, hold, and durability, it is one of the most popular in Altra road shoes. It is used for a wide range of purposes according to the level, from the low runner who wants to speed, the ultra runner with emphasis on breathability, and the usual jogging.

Weight: 212g (27.5cm actual measurement for men)
180g (24.5cm for women)
Stack height: 22mm
Midsole: Altra ego
Upper: Engineering knit

The manager of the store manager
Since 2018, Escaran Terracer has been collaborating with urban marathon competitions since 2018, and has been selling in a limited number of regions such as the Boston Model and the Tokyo Model. Finally, it was highly evaluated as a standard lineup from 2020.

Compared to the normal model Escalante2, the stack height is 2mm thinner and the cushioning is slightly harder, but the response when landing is dramatically increased. Just like the name "racer", it can be said that it is a shoe that focuses on 1 or 2 in Altra running shoes.
Escaran Terracers are updated every year, and every time they update, they are stressful shoes that make the shoe string fit comfortably and forget that they are wearing running shoes.

Escaran Terracers are often thought to be shoes up to the full marathon on the road, but in fact there are many fans on the runners running the ultra marathon, and they are coarse mesh as you can see, so they are rich in ventilation and worn for a long time. It prevents the beans of time. The surface fabric called the upper that stretches out even though it does not shake when landing will always match the swelling runner.

Last but not least, among the customers who are serving customers, the most reaction to the hallux valgus is actually Escaran Terracer.
The high -fit of the middle foot is high in preparing the alignment of the legs of the hallux valgus, and many people interfere with shoes and hurts the upper part of the thumb (first middle foot head). That is, there is no stress on the natural spread of the fingertips.
I was impressed by the hallux valgus who couldn't stand for a long time, and that my feet were less tired and hurt. I am glad if you can recommend it to those around you.


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