Altra Alta Rivera 3 Men's


For daily training, full marathon, etc.Almighty model

As with the previous RIVERA serieswith moderate responsiveness.The combination of the Altra EGO midsole and the layered mesh upper that delivers lightweight comfort is an all-purpose shoe that can be used for everything from daily training to full marathons.

As with the TORIN 6, the heel portion of the heel collar has been heightened to follow the Achilles tendon, and the shoe fits the neck from the ankle to the heel. This minimizes heel lift when walking and improves the sense of oneness between the foot and the shoe.

In addition, the stack height has been changed from 26mm to 28mm (+2mm), and the midsole hardness has also been improved, making it easier to transmit power during toe-offs and making the shoes easier to run in.

Although it does not have the agility of the high-spec model, the good thing about the RIVERA is that it has a soft kicking sensation and does not lose strength during any training session.

The first thing our staff members feel when wearing the shoes is that they are SLIMFootShapeThe adoption of the SLIM FootShape gives a "high fit" even to those without a voluminous foot. As with the previous model, the moderate elasticity of the upper gently wraps the foot, making it difficult to feel stress even when wearing for long periods of time.FootIf you have a voluminous footWearing TORIN, ESCALANTE, etc.we recommend you to go up a half size.

This shoe can accommodate an endless variety of runners, both technical and non-technical, and we invite you to try the flexible and updated RIVERA 3 without giving up the excitement and fun of racing.

WEIGHT278 g (US10.5 / 28.5cm)
Midsole :Altra EGO™.
Outsole: Altra EGOFootPod™.
Cushioning: Moderate
Stack Height: 28mm
Uppers: BlackLayeredMesh
FootShapeMesh FootShape: SLIM


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