Altra Altra Paradigm 7 Men's

-PARADIGM 7-supported support with support with a concept that has been called the first generation. -
PARADIGM 7 will provide the optimum support for concepts that don't change from the first generation.

A "paradigm" that continues to be updated with a concept of high cushion, stability, and durability that have not changed from the first generation.Paradigms seem to be the most mistaken and miserable model for each version of the version.

This update is part of the ALTRA (ALTRA) paradigm, which has been used in long-time movements such as ultramalamarathon and 100km Walk, and has become a more lightweight and more comfort-based change.We lost some function from the last movie, and the redesign of the apper, the mesh of the back of the leg is thinner, the airflow is improved, and the same size is the same size.a light weight of about 13gI was now in a dramatic light.

What is common to the ALTRA model, which has been updated this season, is likely to greatly reduce the stress of long use by improving the shoes, Shoutan, and Footwear.One of the most excellent support functions is that it stretched straight from the back foot to the front foot.GUIDE RAILContinue to adopt from the previous crop, and extend for a long time, such as 100km, so that support can only be supported by the inside of the feet, so that support is necessary for the inside of the legs, so that the legs are not too moving to move too far.

I think that the PARADIGM model, which plays an active role from daily walking to the Ultra Marathon, will continue to be updated in the future, but I think it's a good and good shoes for the moment when it is made.Try to feel the sense of your body.

About Size
As PARADIM 6 was a slightly tidy size sense, the way you don't have a leg volume is recommended by a half-down rather than a previous one.PARADIM 5If you were wearing a previous model, you don't need to resize.

weight: 314g (US10.5)
Midsore™ Altra EGO
Out Saul:
Stackhato: 30mm
Aper: Engineered Mesh


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