Altra Altra Via Olympus Men's

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Max Comfort Meet Road.
-Michibiku for the best healing-

A new Maxculoration road model that combines the cushioning and stability of the trail running model "OLYMPUS" is now available.

VIA OLYMPUS is equipped with a 33mm Altra Egotm Max midsole, the highest stack height ever.The lightweight, cushioning, and rebellion midsole is specially designed for the highest ride, regardless of distance.

Peculiar to the platform shoesSome people are concerned that the thickness will be stable, but Via Olympus has many functions that create stability like the trail model Olympus.

Structure of shoes that increase the installation surface and bring a sense of stability
As the whole approaches the ground, it is wider. This increases the installation area on the ground, so that the cushion is thick, it prevents wobble and unstable.

Midsole structure optimized to bend your feet
InnerFlexTM Inner flexA midsole with an optimized structure for bending the legs, the grid -shaped flexion groove gives the flexibility of the legs in addition to higher performance improvements.

"Balanced cushions" and "foot shape design", which are features of Altra shoes, are also used for this model.

"Foot shape design" adopts a spacious original to provide a necessary space for natural movements, and the locker shape is more efficient and more efficiently off.VIA OLYMPUS achieves a comfortable running comfort even at long distance.

About the size. . .
There is no problem with the same size as Altra Olympus and Escalante Racer.
I think it's almost OK if you choose the actual size + 1.3cm as a guide.

The staff with a narrow foot -shaped chose the same size as usual.
I felt a little big when I put my feet first because there was room on my feet, but the fit of the heel and the instep was good, and I didn't feel loose when I tightened the string.


Weight: 312 g (Mens US10.5 / 28.5cm)
Midsole:Altra EGO ™ MAX
Outsole: Rubber
Cushion: MAX
Stack height: 33mm
FootShape: Original


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