NORRONA Norona Ringen Alpha 90 Jacket Men


It is a surprisingly lightweight jacket using Polartec® Alpha90 Direct, the biggest feature of the hair feet and a low mass. Because of its characteristics, it has all functions required in the fields such as "warm", "lightweight and compact", "hard to get stuffy", "It is easy to warm up at body temperature even if it gets wet" and can be used for various activities. It is the first place. ALPHA is used above the abdomen, which is easy to hold, and the Polartec® Power Dry is used for the sleeves and abdomen, which tends to accumulate sweat, to achieve efficient quick -drying and ease of movement.

・ Material
78% RecycleD POLYESTER / 22% POLYESTER 94% RecycleD Polyester / 6% Elastane
・ Weight
[Men L size standard] 180 g


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