Aggressive Design

Aggressive Design Top Athlete Sun Protect '' & Cleansing Oil S (Sampletect & Cleansing Oil S)

Top athlete Sunplate "Fighter S" (26g), Cleansing oil S (80ml) One set of each Convenient and advantageous set for first trials, travel and expeditions Aggressive design sunscreen TOP ATHLETE SUN PROTECT FIGHTER 62G is very resistant to sweat and water, hard to fall even with intense movements, It is a sunscreen that does not require repaint. The feature is 1. Strong UV barrier coat (SPU50+/PA ++++) 2. Waterproof & sweat proof 3. It stretches smoothly and is easy to apply, and the feeling of smoothness continues even after applying 4. Support skin barrier functions ~ Moisturizing ingredients -Contains hyaluronicate Na 5, you can spend comfortably and comfortably ~ Skin -conditioning ingredient ~ Contains kakitan nin 6, fragrance, no colored, no mineral oil 7, Doping Guard certification acquisition 8, resistant to sweat and on a makeup base Sunburn has a negative effect on performance 1. Ultraviolet rays can cause active oxygen. Excessive active oxygen oxidizes the body and causes accumulation of fatigue substances, Damage the organization. 2. Skin protection and regeneration requires a lot of energy Sunburn is classified as burns. 10 % or more of the skin for medium to severe burns In the treated treatment, calorie administration of 1.5 to 2 times the basal metabolism per day. The more recommended it is, the more energy is used for recovery. 3. I want to use energy and internal organs By suppressing the energy and blood consumed on the skin, the muscles and internal organs You can use more blood more. From the above points, measures for ultraviolet rays and active oxygen, the condition of the body Aggressive design sunscreen for improving performance Ideal. Aggressive design sampletect series Developing the top share in car engine oil etc. Wako's Chemical, which manufactures "WAKO'S", has its own oil technology I made a sunscreen for athletes using full use. In response to sunburn that causes performance to reduce performance, we have a unique “skin -up” idea of ​​“improving skin protection functions, reducing damage and improving physical performance, enhancing both physically and mentally and body”. It is designed. It is strong in sweat and water with its own oil technology Sunscreen that does not need to be repainted That is the aggressive design sampletect series Cleansing oil It fits quickly and removes dirt in the back of the pores. It contains moisturizing ingredients, na, na, so it supports skin barrier functions. W No face washing is required.

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