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Aggressive Design Top Athlete Lip Protect Cream Hemere


Protect a dip that is easy to get rough with UV barrier coat (SPF32/PA +++) from ultraviolet rays.
Prepare the texture of the lips without delicate.

It is hard to break when the cap is removed when the cap is slipping, and it is difficult to break when removing the cap.
By adopting a sturdy container ( * 2), which is difficult to dissolve even at high temperatures ( * 1), it is suitable for tough outdoor sports.
It is hard to stick and stretches smoothly.
No coloring agent. It is colorless and transparent and can be used regardless of gender. It can also be used as a lipstick base.
This is one of the all seasons. It can be used regardless of the season, such as UV protection and drying measures.
No alcohol.
No fragrance. You can use it without worrying about the scent.

Contents: 2.6g
\ 3,080 (tax included) /Book
Moisturizing ingredients: Shea fat, acerola fruit extract, lauroyl glutamate (phystellil / octilded decil)

There is no stratum corneum that protects the lips, such as the function of the skin, to the lips. Therefore, very delicate! Furthermore, there is no melanocytable that creates melanin that protects from ultraviolet rays, so those who sports in harsh outdoors need to take care of their lips all year round.

How to use the lip protect cream "Emele"
About 30 minutes before moving the body
step 1
Image Emele about 2-3 mm. Let the emele in the vertical direction along the wrinkles of the lips.
Step 2
This time, the vertical emele is applied sideways.
Step 3
If you are taking light supplements or hydration, repain the standard for 2-3 hours. If you have a meal, please repaint after the meal.

Oil -based ingredients are the main ingredients and contain ingredients that have a sunscreen effect, so drop them at the end of the day with your own cleansing. You can drop it with your face wash. Wash it gently because it can cause roughness.

Before using lipstick
It has a smooth moisturizing effect, so it can be used on the base before applying lipstick.

* 1) Sloring point 64 ° C (in -house examinations)
* 2) It is not a guarantee that the container is hard to break.

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