A2Care (sterilization / deodorant spray 300ml)


Product introduction
The content component MA-T is a colorless, odorless, and irritable aqueous solution that balances excellent sterilization and deodorization, while maintaining high-level safety as water corrosion and irritation.

As a result of safety tests in various third -party inspection agencies, extremely high safety has been certified.
A classic 300ml spray type recommended for use in the house.

If you blow it in a place where the smell is worrisome, you can disinfect and deodorize with a safe and secure.
Suitable for cloth products in the entrance, bedroom, toilet, kitchen, living room and bedroom.

Raw ingredients and ingredients
Contents: MA-T (purified water/99.99% chlorine dioxide/0.01%)

Unlike the general bactericidal and deodorant that cheats with a scent, remove the smell from the smell. It is a colorless and odorless and deodorant and deodorant, and the main component of alcohol -free works on viruses, bacteria, mold, and allergic substances, and has a sterilization and suppressing mold. It is an active water that uses chlorine dioxide and can be used for a wide range of applications. So far, it has been used in ANA, airline, railway companies, and sports facilities. In addition, some of the sales are used for support activities for the World Medical Corps, an international NGO organization that works on humanitarian medical support.

■ About the main ingredients
The main ingredient MA-T has developed a colorless, odorless, and irritable aqueous solution with a sterilized deodorant effect of 99.99%purified water and 0.01%chlorine dioxide. As a result of tests in various third organizations, it is also used in medical facilities.

■ Deodorant function
General disinfecting and deodorants can not decompose, inactivate them, and do not emit a mixed odor, or the odor does not disappear. A2 Care has a deodorant effect by blocking virus biological activities and decomposing the causative substance of odor.

■ Disinfecting
In various tests, it has been confirmed that low concentrations can suppress the growth and proliferation of various bacteria and mold.

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