Drymax Lite Hiking 1/4crew Light hiking

Hiking is an outdoor activity that can be enjoyed by all ages and men and women. However, hiking is a sport that is easily affected by the weather, and if you select a wrong hiking gear, you can halve fun. For example, continuing to wear wet socks full of moisture can not only cause discomfort, but also cause beans and shoes. "Lite Hiking 1/4 Crew" drains the moisture under the foot with a double structure and keeps the feet dry. Always keeping dry not only prevents injuries such as beans, but can also enjoy a warm and comfortable hiking when it is cold. In addition, high -density paddings are arranged to protect their feet from rubbing and shocks with shoes. Unlike thick pudding, using a thin but dense material, it functions as the optimal pad without being affected by the size and fit of the shoes. Color: Brown

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