STATIC Static Adlift Vest Men's

One of the STATICBLOOM substitutes, "Ad Lift Series", like Stride Lab, special specifications for runners, bespoke as usual from this season.

The stride handling brand "Teton Bros." Run With Octa etc. directly uses the "OCTA" active insulation material "OCTA", and has a high breathability, so that you can continue to wear it even while you are active. Insalation Vest that can be done.

Layering is very important, especially in winter running.
It is troublesome to be cold, and if it is too hot, you will not be able to continue running.
Also, even if you start running, even if you wear a mid -layer or outer layer, you will often get hot on the way and take off.
This "ad lift vest" is an insulation that can be worn during action because it is both breathable and heat retention so that it can be used in a large temperature zone.

Also, in the case of stagnation, wearing a Windriver -like wind jacket from the vest to block the ventilation, so that "static heat retention" can be performed as a pure insulation.
It is a product that you want to try as an optimal layering system for runners who go to stride labs.

* The neck is turned back to the surface of the OCTA and exposed it to the surface, improving the touch around the neck, and at the same time, eliminating the binding material that is usually used for the neck, and sweating after sweating. It reduces discomfort.
* Lightweight adjustment parts are attached to the hem, so that adjusting the rubber can ventilate the heat in the clothes, dare, and keep it warm.
* Packable specification pockets are attached to the chest.

In fact, it was cold in the morning and evening at Yatsugatake in the first week of October, so I started walking on this ad lift vest on a T -shirt and continued to wear it until the hot day in the daytime. Even if I wore it for three days, I didn't mind the smell, it was a versatile "gear" clothes for a comfortable behavior that could be used in sleeping bags.

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