Ultimate Direction Ultra Flip Glove (Ultrimate Direction Ultra Flip Grove)

It is difficult to stabbit even if it is sweaty, and it is difficult to evaporate. When there is cold rain and wind, the waterproof mitt stored in the globe itself can be removed and the hand can be protected. · We will further increase the heat retention and protection with waterproof flipmitons that can be stored. • Smartphone and camera can also be operated because it is a touch screen-enabled conductive Ultrasse Eeding fingertip. Materials: 76% Nylon 24% Polyurethane Fiber Grid Fleece, 100% Silicone Coated Cordura Ripstop [SIZES (Measure From Cuff To Tip of Middle Finger)] Small: 9.125 "Medium: 10.125" Large: 10.5 "* Smaller of women and hands Is recommended S size.

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