Silva Compass Expedition S (Silver Expoded Compass)

Caucarian Silva Compass of Base Plate Compass Subjected to Overwhelming Support Do you have a compass when you enter the mountain? Currently, GPS is also widespread, but when you look at the map when you are climbing, there is another fun to go while looking at the map. The map reading is also fun as an outdoor competition called "Orienteering", which looks out and runs out points in the wilderness. When entering the mountain and enjoying activity, the compass that points to the correct travel direction from the map is a necessity. By combining with GPS, you can also check your position and check the direction of travel using the measuring compass, even if it comes out of the mountain trail. It is also recommended to bring it as an amulet because there are many places where radio waves do not enter in the mountains of Japan. Mirrored seeding compass. Topical model of base plate Mirror with a lighting pore with a night light paint. Slope meter (clinometer) and deviation settings are also included. It can also be used as a normal map on, but while looking at the target objects captured using the aiming holes, look at the compass reflected in the mirror and combine the ring to easily combine the direction. In addition, a detailed map is enlarged. 1/25,000 and 1/50,000 scaled. Expedition S has an inclined gauge, allowing the compass ruler along the slope, places the compass, and the red needle indicates the numbers pointed to by the red needle, also understood the angle of the slope. Transparent acrylic synthetic resin, durable base plate, is an ideal compass to quickly accurately check your position and destination on the map. The compass side of the base plate is a curve and the shape is familiar with hand. When walking to the destination, it will be familiar with the hand when you have a compass in front of the body. Size: 108 × 64 × 20 mm Mass: 86 g of temperature: -20 to + 60 ° C · Definition correspondence Severity Ring holder Silva is a pioneer brand of compass that celebrates 75th anniversary in 2008. The reliability of the compass has gained high support for climbers around the world, Orienteering participants and outdoor lovers. If you enter the mountain for a long time or in a mountainous race, such as OMM (original mountain marathon), please take the quality of the world that is a mandatory gear "Compass".

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