Stride Yubi Socks Penta (Stride 5 Finger Socks Penta)


Strong, quick -drying, deodorant, and comfortable socks made from corduranylon and AXIO hybrid wool

PENTA means "5" in Greek, and is the first five -finger type in the Yubi Socks series. The material uses 55%of cordura nylon, has a solid durability, and there was no sign of breaking a 300km driving test. In addition, 43%of AXIO materials mixed with polyester and wool are used. As a result, the socks that combine high anti -pilling performance, as well as hygroscopicism and spread -drying, and high anti -pilling performance. And because the "WHOLE GARMENT" manufacturing method is smooth and has no seams, it is three -dimensional, so you can get the best comfort.

Size (actual size base) S 22cm ~ 24cm M 24cm ~ 26cm L 26.5cm ~ 28.5cm Material Nylon: 55% polyester: 23% wool: 20% polyurethane: 2%


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