OMM Omem pace pants unisex


Running long pants that are slender but not as tight as tights

Recommended for those who are not good at tights, lightweight running pants with a relaxed fit.
The knee is a three -dimensional sewn tapered design.
In addition, the 4WAY stretch panel allows more free movement.

The waist has a pocket (one), which can store small items such as gels and keys, and the key hook is also safe with a compact windshell.

Because the fabric is thin, there is little feeling of stiffness, so you do not mind wearing it under the rain pants.
It looks good for snoring.

Tailor -made fit
Designed by cutting and sewing that reflects the request of the runner reduces the fluttering feeling and flutter during strong winds.The waist is rubber, so it has a smooth fit even if it moves.

The storage size is also compact

Thin, lightweight, folded size is compact. It is easy to carry when traveling by train or changing clothes after running, so it is convenient as a sub pants. If it is small, it will fit in the palm size.

The 180cm male staff (slender) is M size, and the length is not short and just right.
In addition, female staff (161cm slender) can be worn without any problems in XS size.

Material: Nylon/Spandex blended fabric
Weight: 160g


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