Houdini Hoodini Weather Tea Unisex

A new type of high -performance T -shirt with a minimal design. The C9 Ripsto ™ fabric, which is ultra -light and durable, has wind resistance, water resistance, and moisture permeability, and has the basic performance of a windbreaker that can be worn quickly when the weather changes suddenly. It functions in all outdoor activities such as running, kayak, trekking, and skiing, and can be carried at any time with easy -to -carry packable specifications. The unisex model uses a relaxed fit design. It is a fabric that boasts 10 times the breathability of the windproof material and C9 lip stop, which is very thin and hard to get stuffy. DWR durable water -repellent processing is done, so it can be surpassed if it is a little rain. * It is not completely waterproof. Weight: 90g Material: C9 RIPSTOP ™ 70% RecycleD Polyester, 30% Polyester Flat -placed measurement data MS XS/WS S: Previous length 69cm, width 53cm, shoulder width 41.5cm MS S/WS M: Previous length 71.5cm, width 56cm, shoulder width 43cm MS M/WS L: Previous length 74cm, width 59cm, shoulder width 45.5cm

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