Houdini Hoodini Men's Waddy Pants


The successor to the conventional popular pants "Swift Pants". It has a durable "light, cool, easy -to -move" outdoors, and can be packed small, so you can use it multi. Tapered on the hem and the feet are outstanding. LIQUID ROCK ™ fabric, which is excellent in breathability made from recycled nylon and polyurethane, has an outstanding quick -drying properties, and keeps dry and comfortable during hot weather and waterside play. It is also excellent in elasticity, durable while softly touching. The waist has a built -in string that can be adjusted, a draw code that adjusts the hem aperture, a back pocket on both sides and the right hip, so that the body can be stored more compactly, so the activity is an activity. It is convenient for carrying while traveling or traveling. It is a regular fit that adopts a tapered silhouette that becomes thinner toward the hem, and matches a wide range of situations for climbing and climbing outdoor pants and lifestylewear in daily life. The comfort is a relaxed pants, but it is not thick, and it can fully demonstrate its function in mountain climbing and climbing with exquisite cutting. And it is thin but has high wear resistance and is excellent as outdoor pants. The best touch for streetwear. The silhouette is natural with little outdoor feeling. A pocket with a zip is hidden in the hand pocket on the right, and it is convenient when putting important things such as keys. It is also possible to make the pants packable.

□ The waist is slightly squeezed and the fit is improved than the conventional Hoodini pants. Please measure your waist and choose the size. * XS is quite popular not only for small men but also for women.

XS: Waist 35cm Inseam 77.5cm Watari width 28.5cm Hem width 16.5cm
S: Waist 39cm Inseam 79cm Watari width 29.5cm Hem width 17.5cm
M: Waist 41cm Inseam 81cm Watari width 30.5cm Hem width 18.5cm
L: Waist 44cm Inseam 83cm Watari width 32cm Hem width 19cm


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