HYDRAPAK SEEKER 3L (Hydra Pack Seeker 3L)


It is a very lightweight, steering wheel, and a flexible water bottle that is easy to pack.

Spillproofnovosle is hard to spill and can be easily drunk even during action.

It is convenient to carry because it has a handle.
It can also be stored very compactly after use using this handle.

・ “Spillproofunosle”: It is difficult to spill even during action and can be easily drunk. When you drink, turn to the left, and to "turn right" to lock after drinking.
・ "Storage in compact": After drinking, you can fold the container compactly using the handle.
・ “Ultra -lightweight”: Approximately 80 % lighter than a hard bottle.

The seeker is an ultra -light and durable water storage bag of hydra packs.
A durable and easy -to -pour handle has been added to the side.

Easy to use for multiple purposes, such as hanging on a water area or attaching to a backpack
Because it is very compact, it can be frozen, so if you put it in a cooler, it will be very useful in the camp scene as a cold pack.

Also, since the cap has a loop, you will not lose the cap.
The 42mm cap diameter is compatible with various commercially available water purifiers and is ideal for long, long, and large amounts of water.

You can use it as a high -dripty by using the separately sold sequence hiration kit (A177). If you use the plug-n-play cap kit (A172), it will be a water jug.

With nylon storage case.


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