Static All Elevation Short Sleeve (Static All Elevation Short Sleeve Men's)


All elevation that means "all elevation"

All-purpose base layers that can be worn in any scene-

As well as mountain lines and travel, it can be used as a daily basis

Due to the unevenness in the dough, the recess is thin and breathable, and heat removal and air flow may be easily generated even at the time of action, and it is hard to get tired.

The convex portion becomes a fabric thickness, which secures the heat retention during or after the action.

If you get wound with the window shell, it is an item that is also active as an inner, as the heat retention is increased.

Fabric: Merino Wool 60% / Polypropylene 40%
Fit: Relax
Weight: 122g (M dimension)

Color is 2 color development
· Dawn (Dawn: Dawn Meaning) Pine green blue blue
· DUSK (Dusk: Meaning at dusk) Deepness blue color


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