The infinity sports series is recommended for wearing running, walking, cycling, town use, etc.
It has a natural sensation close to bare feet, comfortable comfort, and enables a higher -grade performance.

Sweat -absorbing quick -drying and 5 fingers without seams protect your fingertips from shoes rubbing.

The five fingers are designed to prevent shoes from rubbing and make it difficult to make beans, good breathability, and balance the body.

The instep is mesh and has a good breathability, and the heel and toe are reinforced by Cool Max Extra Life, which is durable.

Also, arch support makes it less tired.

Size: □ S: 23-25cm □ M: 25-27cm □ L: 27.5-29cm
Material: Polyester (Cool Max) 85 % Nylon 12 % polyurethane (Likura) 3 %
Washing: Fishing, no bleach, no ironing, no dry cleaning

The manager of the store manager
The infinity is a 5 -finger sock that can be worn without stress as much as you close your eyes. It is very useful for several years if it has a very high durability and one pair. This model, which the manager wears about once a week for about three years, still has no sign of holes. The feeling of use is very good, and even if you wear it for a long time, you have never made beans, but the dryness is inferior to a model that specializes in dry feeling, but such socks have almost no heat retention. Is the best.


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