Stride Yubi Socks Fluffy (Stride Ubisox Flaviness)


Yubi socks fluffy
Fluffy fluffy with "Natural Azami" based on Yubi SOCKS. It is politely processed one by one by the hand of craftsmen using an azaki brush machine used for over 100 years ago.

Melino Wool × Waked Mixed Mixed Supplier, and knitted socks "Yubi socks"High water absorption, quick-drying and strength"Japanese paper"Natural material with high antibacterial, deodorizing and quick-drying function"Merino Wool"Socks with a unique thread made by twisting two different materials. Seamless manufacturing method during manufacturing"WholeGarment®"By adopting, we will create a seamlessness and sucking comfort by knitting it into a solid. In addition, there is no doubt of material because there is no cutting of a fabric, and naturally, it is also connected to eco-friendly production activities. Waspaper characteristicsHigh water absorption, quick-drying and strengthSocks are materials that are attracting attention in recent years. If it is a single material, the hardness came out, and it was a current situation with few products that given the passing point.Softness was fused by mixing Merino Wool there, and it succeeded in creating comfortable wearing comfort. Both are one piece of one material only in domestic production that has enhanced comfortable comfort. Foot bag (Tobi) type structure The difference in comfortable comfort caused by the difference in the length of the finger has improved improvement and realized the growth rate and the length of the finger finger finger fit. With the opening of the foot bag, the power of the bottom is also easy to transmit, and even if you wear socks, draw out the power of your finger comfortably.

3,800 + Tax Material Merino Wool (Merino Wool) 48% Japanese Paper (Waka) 21% Polyester (Polyester) 29% Polyurethane (Polyurethane) 2% Size (Actual size Base) S 22 cm to 24 cm 24 cm to 26 cm L 26.5 cm to 28.5 cm XL 29.0 cm to 31.0 cm



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