POINT6 Finish LINE EXTRA LIGHT Mini Crew (Point Six Finish Line Extra Light Mini Crew)


The socks of "POINT6" keep the body temperature of 98.6 degrees (37 degrees of Sekai; average body temperature of Westerners)
This small number "6 degrees" is the origin of the name.

Keeps your body temperature with your own 37.5 technology.
37.5 Technology is a water -absorbing fiber developed by Cocona of the United States, and is a material that promotes the ideal body temperature of humans, 37.5 degrees. Active particles with a large number of micro holes embedded in fibers capture water vapor generated from the body quickly and promote evaporation with infrared energy from the body.

In all locations, we do product tests in various conditions.
By performing production in the United States, it enables quality control to market needs, and quick response to this. The socks are performed without compromising in all of the "materials, designs, and structures", pursuing the comfort, durability, and body temperature adjustment of the sole.

POINT6 uses only the wool -finished wool (12 to 24 microns) = Fine Merino Wool purchased from a limited contract ranch, which produces only high quality wool, especially in New Zeland.


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