LUNA SANDALS × Unhalf Drawing Sweat Long Sleeve (Luna Sandal Antharf Drawing Sway


LUNA SANDALS × Unhalf Drawing

Using BRING recycled polyester that creates clothes from clothes"Unhalf Drawing"Create a sweat. The LUNA logo is largely launched in the sweat and it will be released in limited quantity.

This recycled polyester is a product that recovers and chemically degraded and chemically degraded, and is a product that circulates resources that consider the environment "making clothes from clothes". It can be said that it is a product that seems to be a "project that has played back". It is a 100% polyester, but it is a sweat who wants to realize a textile like cotton and wear it with a touch like a tortoeck. The appearance is brushed up in a contemporary, but it is a bit thicker, but it is excellent in water absorption quick drying, so it can be worn even during exercise such as chilly day running and hiking. Luna sandal brand is an appearance of products other than unusual sandals.

Material: BRING MATERIAL (TM) 100%
Color: Gray
XS: Length 59.5 / Width 53 / Yuki 76
S: Length 61.5 / Width 56 / Yuki 78.5
M: Length 63.5 / Width 59 / Yuki 81
T: Length 66.5 / Width 59 / Yuki 83.5 (Em size, longer length)
L: Length 71.5 / Width 63 / Yuki 87


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