ICEBREAKER Quantum Gloves


Gloves are active in outdoorfields such as running and trekking for three seasons in spring and autumn and winter.
Merino wool, which has a temperature control function in the glove, is used with a dough with a lycla that brings a supple fit.
By making the skin pile specifications, the skin touch is well finished.
On the palm side, a silicon material that enhances the grip is adopted.
Synthetic leather is treated on the thumb and index finger, and it is compatible with touch screen.

Fabric 260g/M2 TERRY (98 % wool (Merino wool), polyurethane (ricra?) 2 %)
Function 260g

Terry gloves/Likla stretches and motor/touch screen compatible fingers/silicon palm/right hand sandwiched logo

Country of origin China
Color black
Weight L/60g

■ Notes
The size dimension (actual size) is the finished dimension of the product.
All size dimensions (actual dimensions) display the outer dimensions when placed flat on the flat platform.
The nude dimensions and size dimensions (actual dimensions) are different.
Please refer to "How to select a size" for how to select the size determined from the actual body type.
What is described in the product hanging bill is not the size (actual size), but the nude dimension.
Since the outside dimensions are measured by hand, some errors (1 to 2 cm) may occur depending on the product.

■ About measurement
Stretching products indicate the outside dimensions that are not stretched. Please refer to the following measurement position for the measuring location.
In the case of a product with a collar, the collar does not wipe.
Products with frills gathers and pleats indicate the extended outer dimensions.
The down jacket eliminates the swelling of the down and displays the stretched outer dimensions.
In order to check the fit, we recommend that you measure your clothing and compare the size dimensions.


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