Theragun Mini (Seragan Mini)

Travel percassive training device that allows for self conditioning everywhere, or even travel destination or travel destination also. Portable type Theragun Mini (Seragan Mini) is compact but powerful and offers a THERAGUN quality tapping approach at any time. Recovery devices carrying at about 600 g are realized silent operation using QX35 motors equipped with Quietforce technology. Selectable from three stages of speed (1750, 2100, and 2400 percussion / minute). Devices Theragun Mini designed with portability also has excellent battery life, and can run up to 150 minutes with a 12V built-in lithium ion battery. 3-step speed (1750,2100,2400 times) Swing Width 12mm Pressure Approximately 9 kg Consecutive Mobile Replaceable Lithium Ion Battery Built-in (150 minutes) Motor QUIETFORCE TECHNOLOGYTM Hired Bluetooth Connection None Attachment Standard Ball Pouch Software case about 0.6kg ● Japan regular import the original selling goods only subject / 1 year warranty ================================= ============== Theragun MINI (Ceragun-Mini) Soft Carrying Case 1 Power Adapter Standard Ball Attachment ================================ =======================================================================================================================================================================================================)

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