GONTEX Square Paste 4 (Gontex Foot Support Tape 2 pieces)

The taping its original function is supported by taping the side of the sole of the sole of the sole of the sole of the sole, and the archion of the cushion that absorbs the shock at the time of running and walking. It is a role of suspension in a car. Every time the foot is repeated at running and climbing, the ground's arch is crushed and pulled back. However, when fatigue is fatigued on the sole, the crushed arch is less likely to return. Similar to the car that loses the suspension function, it will be able to direct shock directly to the foot by the decline of the arch, and it becomes easy to get painful to the feet and the foot of the foot, etc., and it will be easier to get susceptible to the palm . Foot sticker 4 is supported by taping tension to pull back arched arches. We can not only support the sole problem but also maintaining performance with architizing support. In addition, since thumb and little finger spread in taping tension, it also supports the overall dust and lower finger. It is also the most popular product among Gontex's taping series, not only running and climbing, but also for the fatigue reduction of a long time work. By making the adhesive surface stripe, the outside air is captured and sweeping is easy. Taping minimizes the discomfort due to sweating and minimizes taping peeling due to sweat. It is a taping that looks like a good stretchable at the same glance in supporting exercise, but the manufacturer has a difference in stretchability. Gontex taping stretchability is made of close tension with muscle elasticity and does not give excessive load on muscle and supports the muscle moderately. With a unique manufacturing process, there are few odors and hard to roll, and those who have allergic symptoms are consulted with experts. Please keep in place where children can not reach. Store in a cool place that can not be wet and moisture. If you have symptoms such as itching, rash, redness, etc. during use, please discontinue use and consult your doctor. Do not use directly to the wound. Clean the skin before putting the tape and use it dry. When peeling the tape, please peel off with the flow of hair while holding down the skin. Material Cloth: Cotton Polyurethane, Adhesive: Acrylic Origin Country: Korea

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