Natural Born Heros


To the island of the hero in search of a natural movement

A new adventure challenged by the author of the 3 million copies of the world's best -selling "BORNTORUN -Born to run -Ultranner vs the strongest" running ethnic group ""
Go to the "Hero Island" to find the ancient athletes, searching for ancient lost skills and power.
"Creta running" that has changed history, free running that runs in the city,
Fascia and lipids, the source of strength, hunting and gathering life revived in the present age
We are a hero who is born

Author information
Christopher McDuugal
Translation of Takafumi Kondo

Product information
Release date August 28, 2015
Price price: 2,200 yen (body 2,000 yen)
Forty -six format
464 pages
Product code 0081684
C code C0098 (Foreign Literature Others)
ISBN 978-4-14-081684-4


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