What I thought about running to the glance of the earth


"No prize money!" "All self -responsibility!" "The stage is desert, wilderness, mountain, ice snow, jungle!" It is also featured as Japan's only professional adventure runner, "Passion Continent", and is a non -fiction that spells the challenge of Yuu Kitada, frustration and growth, which is all about life here.

The total of the races I participated in from 2014 to 19 was a total mileage of 5332km! Total time 1420 hours! Total cost 12.8 million yen!
With anemia, a small person, weak in heat and cold, weak in long -distance running — Why do you achieve such a man's “Japanese first 7 continent racing run” and continue to challenge even more? Runners. Students, Business Person, and the current situation is a book that all people get courageous!

* It is subject to change.
Chapter 1 / I have only an adventure marathon!
Chapter 2 / Dog, Donbei and Shonen Jump
Chapter 3 / The first hallucinations! And finally, "Love wins"
Chapter 4 / First Penguin
Chapter 5 / Achievement! Running 7 continents in Japanese!
Chapter 6 / Aiming for a professional athlete in the new era.
Chapter 7 /4 Daigoku Location Highest Racing Travel
Chapter 8 / Fight against the invisible pole "New Coronavirus"

Released on October 26, 2020
1,600 yen (body) + tax
46 size / 288 pages

Author: Yuio Kitada
Born in 1984 and from Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture. He started on land from junior high school, and ranked third in the Japanese championship in the 3rd year of Kinki University in the 4x400m relay. After employment, once he leaves the competition, he starts the competition again, saying, "I want to challenge my potential!" In 2014, he participated in the Adventure Marathon from the age of 30. In 2017, he achieved the first Japanese to run the 7th continent adventure marathon. Currently, we are challenging "Running the highest racing of the world's four major areas".


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