Houdni Hoody Mens Power Hoody

"The best fleece that makes you want to wear a day" Houdini's classic POWER HOUDI 
 Houdini's representative power hoody is the most addictive comfort in the autumn camp scene, looking at the bright moon under the cold sky. In Sweden, homeland, it is a standard item that captivates a wide range of layers, from mountain guides to gardener. The fleece of Polartec® Power Stretch Pro material, which is stretched and very breathable, has a light, warm, soft touch, and enjoys the comfort as if it were wrapped in your favorite blanket. This one piece is as warm as a thin down, so you will not feel any stress even if you wear it on a long -time flight, not only during activity. Please try. \ 26,000+TAX Flat -placed measurement data XXS: Previous length 52cm Width 39cm Sleeve length 80.5cm XS: Previous length 54cm Width 41.5cm Sleeve length 83.5cm S: Previous length 56cm Width 44cm Sleeve length 86.5cm M: Previous length 57.5cm Width 47cm Sleeve length 90.5cm

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