WS Indigate Trail Midweight Mini Crew (for Women)


The trail series is a sock that is ideal for running the various ways, not only flat roads such as trail running. Trail running and adventure racing, of course, normal running, walking, bicycles, and track competitions are also recommended.

The trail series blocks the invasion of fine dust and gravel by double cuff (double-folded footing mouth), mesh-tottop (densely woven mesh panel).
Furthermore, by knitting the sole to pile knitting, you can expect the effect of protecting the sole.

• The five-finger design prevents shoes and makes it difficult to make it easy to create and breathable and balance the body.
· Double cuff is excellent in the compression and compression.
· The foot of the foot is excellent in breathable with mesh
· Heel and guy is reinforced by Cool Max Extra Life and is excellent in durability.
· It is hard to get tired with arch support

Size: XS / S (21.5-25 cm)
Material: Cool Max 39%, Nylon 58%, 3% Lycra
Laundry: fishing drying, no bleach, no iron-impossible and dry cleaning

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Storage note of store manager
Inzuji Trail Mid Wait Series is a 5-finger socks that can be smoothed without stress that you wear eyes. In addition, there are very high durability and one pair and several years are useful. The store manager also wears about once a week for about three years, there is still no hole that holes. Although the feeling of use is very good, there is no mame even if you keep wearing a long time, but the sense of dryness is inferior to the model specialized in the dry feeling, but the sense of dryness is inferior to such socks. Is the best.


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