LONE PEAK 5 WIDE WOMENS (for Loan Peak 5 Wide Women)


"LONE PEAK", a representative of Altra, is a full model change.

Lone peak that takes No. 1 in Trail shoes in the United States
Its characteristic is a stressless comfort
Hiker, trail running beginner, is a shoe that continues to be loved, ranging from 100 km or more.

In Altra's trail shoes, it is just an intermediate model.
The thickness of the cushion is also the strength of the grip, and all of them are "just good"
It is such a shoe.

A wide model in which the foot width is a wide range of directions has been added from the season.

Weight: (251 g 24.5 cm Measurement)
Stack height: 25 mm
Midsall: Altra Ego
Outsole: Maxtrac

The changes from "LONE PEAK4.5" that the previous work was hit is as follows.

1, toe reinforcement
Although it is not possible to peel off in the road shoes, it is adhesion of "toe" part that may be peeled off with trail shoes, but this time, the rubber part of the sole is directly sewn in addition to its adhesion.

2, Midsole Material
We used materials rich in Cushion-like EVA so far, but changed to the urethane material called Altra EGO. It is difficult to get a feeling of hemorrheta and a little repulsive sense.

3, outsole pattern change
It looks a slight difference, but the lugs are shallow and the feeling of catching to the ground when running Asphalt is reduced. In addition, the grip performance is finished so that it does not feel a big difference due to adjustment of compounds.

4, eyes and upper survival
It is not possible to wear it with a simple design of a mountain peak that was in LONE PEAK 4.5, making it easy to wear. Those who are loving for many years have remembered, but they are a simple design like the loan peak 2.5 that was surrounded by his masterpiece. (Although it is a matter of taste)
There is no significant change for some changes to the upper.
We feel that a slight thickness came out about the part that wraps the foot of the foot called Tan. You will get a kind feel. In addition, even in the United States, the large-popular loan peak is also a serial number space adopted because it was misleaded at the race venue, but this is gone this time.

5, heel cup
The angle of the heel cup was slightly moderable. The previous model was quite sharp as a shoe's kakato, and there was a hold strength that could run out without having a sense of shoelaces with an exquisite fit, and it was very popular. It may be because there were some people who hit a little kakato for some of the electrodes, but it has become slightly loose, but it has a fit that is too fast.
The finger hole convenient to take off your shoes has changed from two to one.

6, size feeling
◇ サイ Size sense
It is quite larger than usual.
The insole-based foot width is different from the normal model of about 7 to 8 mm. If the foot width is spread, it seems that it is good to choose a size smaller than the conventional Altra shoe. It is also recommended for customers who can not always narrow and squeeze.


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