Teton Bros.

Teton Bros. Hybrid Down Pant Unisex

Down pants that are most suitable for activities that emphasize heat retention Static Warmth (Static Heating) Pants with the most heat retention in the category have been added to the lineup. It is the most suitable down pants for activities that emphasize heat retention, including mountain trips and snow camps in the winter. Because it is excellent in storage, it is also suitable for emergency heat retention and supplementary heat retention during bedtime without greatly affecting the capacity of the backpack when carrying it during a mountain trip. Hybrid Down with 1000FILL water repellent and Thermo Max minimizes the decrease in loft due to humidity even when used for a long time. Color: Bronze / Navy / Charcoal Fabric: 12D NYLON/ 1000 Fill & Thermo Max Weight: 280g (size m) 1. ROM (Range of Motion) A draping that does not hinder the movement of the knee joint 2. West Silicon tabs that make it easier to open and close 3. West String inside the waist that enhances the fit 4. Front pocket Entry part of the waist pocket reinforced by piping 5. Storage case With a stow bag that can be stored compactly

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