OS1ST FS6 + PerfoMance Foot + Calf Sleeves (O'sferst Performance Foot Curf Sleeve)


What is OS1st
Among the many supporters, supporters used to suppress the movement so as not to overcome the recurrence instead of acute phase. Unlike fixing braces that fix it during the acute phase, it is difficult to stabbit, easy to move, convenient to carry. NEXT TO SKIN is classified as a category of supporters, and in the United States, it is a brand that boasts NO1.

The FS6 + Performance Curf Sleeve is particularly effective for those who have inflammation that has an inflammatory symptom, such as foot fascial inflammation and Achilles tendonitis, as well as short FS6, and at the same time, it is a socks designed with step pressure to the knee . It is also effective to improve blood and lymph's flow that is causing the swelling of the foot, and is also effective to get slack or heavy.

Another benefit will be stable by acquiring the FS6 foot sleeve than the barefoot condition, as one of the causes of the cause of the arch caused by pressure. Works to prevent the arch from collapsing.

There is a size notation in the image, so please check.
Please remove when you feel that the pressure is tight, and refresh the use for a long time.
※ Even with the physical condition and behavior of the day, the degree of swelling of the foot changes
※ We do not recommend wearing at sleep

Storage note of store manager
In recent years, it is a socks of stage pressure that has been widely used in medical use, etc., but the product specialized in sports is not so much. The traditional pressure and pressure socks were difficult to wear, but OS1ST + was fitted quickly and quickly that it has a solid pressure. The fabric is also excellent in hygroscopicity, and it is comfortable even when it is hot, and it keeps warmth even when it is cold.


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